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Raelene Atwood

Title: Supernatural Disasters (Working title) Chapter 3
Genre: Contemporary fantasy
Rating: NC-17 (swearing, violence, sexual themes)
Author: Raelene Atwood
Summary: A story about a young twenty-something in Georgia who lives in a world where supernatural beings coexist with humans.

 Marley Heywood dreamt that she was being chased by some unidentifiable and terrifying beast. She was running through a thick forest, and she could barely make out the outlines of the trees around her in the pitch black night. Her clothes were being snagged and torn by branches that reached out like desperate hands. Though she could not see what exactly was pursuing her, she could hear the beast chasing after her, panting and snarling in hunger.

She ran for what felt like hours, until she tripped over the gnarled root of a tree and fell to the ground. All she saw were white fangs and red, glowing eyes. She let out a bloodcurdling scream, before she awoke abruptly in the middle of the night, shaking and drenched in cold sweat. She sat up for a while in the darkness, rubbing her arms for warmth, feeling as if she had just run ten miles without stopping. Her heart was about to jump out of her chest, and her veins ached for junk. She looked around her cluttered room, looking for something, anything, to calm her buzzing nerves. She opened her bedside table drawer and pulled out a clear plastic baggy full of various pills. She swallowed two Valiums and washed them down with the contents of a half empty bottle of beer. Just then, she heard a rustling sound outside her window. She immediately stuffed the baggy of pills back in the drawer and pulled her father’s shotgun out from under her bed.
“Who’s there?” she said, as she loaded and cocked the gun. She turned around to face the window and drew the blinds. Suddenly and without warning, a snow white falcon swooped up to the window and perched on its sill. Marley yelped in surprise. After collecting herself, she looked at the bird, which appeared rather harmless, and felt foolish for having become so startled. She unloaded the shotgun, setting it down carefully against her bed. Fascinated, she went to open the window to study the falcon a bit more closely, but the bird flew away before she could get a good look. She shrugged and glanced over at the digital clock radio on her bedside table. It was past 3 AM, and she decided to try to get some more sleep. But as soon as she got herself back in bed, there was a knock at the door of her trailer. She heaved a sigh and reluctantly stood back up, slinging the gun over her shoulder and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she made her way to the door. She carefully turned the doorknob and opened the door very slowly, holding the gun with her left hand. There stood a beautiful, naked young woman with long dark hair and cool gray eyes. She had milky white skin and pink, voluptuous lips.

“Good evening, Ms. Heywood,” said the woman. Despite being completely naked, she exuded an air of elegance and dignity. She stood tall with her back straight, and her slight movements were like flowing water. For a moment, Marley found herself getting lost in the woman’s eyes, those gray and limpid lakes.

“What’re you doing here?” said Marley. “You can’t come in. I’m not stupid enough to let you.”

“You really think I want to step foot in your filthy little trailer? I’d rather eat slugs. The whole place stinks of stale booze,” said the woman. She looked past Marley and into the trailer with a placid smile on her face.

Marley cocked the gun and held it up to the woman’s face. “Tell me,” she said. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“You are very funny. I know perfectly well that that gun’s not loaded. And even if it was, do you really think it would do any good?” said the woman. “Besides, I’m the one who should be asking you that. You should be out here with me, learning how to hunt. How to feed and survive in the night. Why did you run, little girl? Did you suddenly get scared?”

“Fuck off.”

The woman’s eyes grew dead and cold at these words. “You should put that away,” she said, gesturing to the gun with a slender, alabaster index finger. “It’s rude, what you’re doing, and I will not stand for it.” She smirked and grabbed the shotgun out of Marley’s hand. She bent the barrel into a loop and effortlessly tossed the gun into the bushes outside of Marley’s trailer. Marley’s face became stiff, and it was clear that she felt frightened and anxious by the way she fidgeted with her now empty hands.

“You owe me, you know,” said the woman. “I’m not here to collect your debt just yet. But I will come.”

And with that, the woman disappeared without another word. Marley quickly closed her door, locking it behind her. She leaned against the door and slid down to the floor, where she sat and cried.

That same night, Madison was having trouble sleeping. She was sitting in her grandmother’s kitchen with a dime store pulp novel in her hand and a half-eaten pint of strawberry ice cream wedged between her legs. She was just about to turn a page when she heard what sounded like rocks being tossed up against the front windows. Alarmed, she put the ice cream on the kitchen table and rose to her feet.

“Hello? Is someone out there?” she called. There was no answer. She shrugged and sat back down. A few minutes passed, and she heard the sound again. She walked up to the front door and looked out the windows, but saw nothing.

“Who’s out there?” she called again, opening the front door this time. There was no one there, and she stepped outside to search for the cause of the noise. As soon as she was out the door, she felt a pair of hands grab her by the waist, and before she knew it, she was being carried off in someone’s car. She instinctively kicked and tried to scream, but a hand clapped a smelly ether-soaked rag over her mouth before she could make a sound. She caught a quick glimpse of her abductor before she lost consciousness—it was Kieran.

Madison opened her eyes to find herself lying on a black leather couch in a small office. The fluorescent lights on the ceiling hurt her eyes, and she felt a dull pain in her head. She sat up and looked around. It was a very neat and ordinary office, furnished with a black leather chair, gray file cabinets, the black leather couch she sat in, and a glossy oak desk. At the desk sat Ulrik, whom she recognized immediately. She shook with trepidation as she recalled how she had found herself there, and the fact that she had been abducted against her will. ‘What is this?’ she thought. ‘Are they going to kill me? What did they do to me?’

“You’re awake,” said Ulrik. He leaned back in his chair and put up his feet. “You will find that we have not harmed you in any way during the transportation process. I apologize for the rather brutish way we’ve brought you here. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I think,” said Madison, rubbing her head. “Just kind of groggy. What am I doing here? Are…are you going to hurt me?”

Ulrik smirked. “No, we are not. My name is Ulrik Leifson, and I have brought you here to ask for your assistance,” he said.

“Nice to meet you, Ulrik,” said Madison. “What kind of…assistance do you need?”

Ulrik snapped once, and Kieran and Simone appeared before him. Kieran winked at Madison, who was still too alarmed to pay any attention. Seeing this, Simone sighed and rolled her eyes. Ulrik turned to Madison and stooped down to meet her gaze.

“Madison, this is Simone, my blood child,” he said. “And this is Kieran—”

“We’ve met,” said Madison. She wore a look of disdain, feeling betrayed and imposed upon. She turned her attention back to Ulrik and spoke once more. “What’s a blood child?” she asked.

“It is what we call the vampires we make,” said Ulrik. “But enough of this. Kieran informs me that you saw him in a vision. Is this true?”
Madison nodded.

“Your visions…do they show you what could be, or what will be?”

“I—I don’t know,” she said. “I mean, once, I thought I had a vision where my Gran died in a house fire. I told her, so she bought a fire extinguisher.”


“And…there was a fire the next day, but she put it out. She’s still alive.”

Ulrik grunted in acknowledgement and paced around the office, rubbing his chin with a pensive look on his face.

“If y’all needed my help, you could’ve just asked,” said Madison. She looked around the room at the other vampires and sat up straight, combing her hair with her fingers. Feeling a bit more at ease, she chuckled. “I would’ve come of my own free will. You didn’t have to…drug and kidnap me like this.”

“Again, I apologize for that, it was rude of me,” said Ulrik. “But you must understand that I could not take the chance that you’d decline. Kieran is…my grandchild, in a way, you see. He holds much sentimental value to my Simone.”

“I’m really sorry, but I don’t know what else I can do for you,” she said. “I mean, I get these visions from time to time, but I never go beyond warning the people involved.”

“This is true. You are but…human,” said Ulrik. “Do you by any chance know when it is that these visions usually come to fruition? Any set amount of time?”

Madison shook her head.

“Maybe it was just a fluke,” said Simone, crossing her arms. “We don’t know for certain that she even really saw anything in this so-called ’vision’ of hers. How do we know that this girl really can see the future? The wolves could just be a coincidence. Too many horror movies or something. She could be lying. She could be wrong.”

Ulrik nodded silently before crouching down on one knee, facing Madison. He looked into her dark eyes and placed a cold and gentle hand on her cheek. Madison’s brow furrowed involuntarily, and she looked back into his eyes, confused.

“Madison,” he whispered.

“Yes?” she replied.

“You have very pretty eyes, Madison,” he said. He smiled at her. “Madison, do you feel my influence?”

Madison pulled herself away from Ulrik’s hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked. She playfully clapped a hand over her forehead, throwing her head back to laugh. “And why do you keep saying my name? Oh, my gawd, are you trying to hypnotize me?”

Ulrik squinted in astonishment and intrigue.

“What…are you?” he asked, leaning in closely.

“I’m…Madison Jean Gentles,” she said. She felt intimidated, and she leaned back and away from him. “I’m twenty two years old. And I’m…I’m a human being.”

“No,” he said. “You are something…far greater.”

The two of them studied each other for a long, quiet moment. Madison felt so strange and titillated, as if she was in the face of true beauty for the first time. She watched as his eyes traced her silhouette, and he watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed. He watched the veins in her wrists twitch with blood.

“Can I go home now?” said Madison.

Ulrik laughed quietly and rose to his feet. “You certainly may,” he said. “But would it be alright for us to revisit this matter…perhaps tomorrow night?”

“Of course,” she sai
d with a toothy grin. “Just, y’know, come knock on my door. No need to abduct me next time.”

“Simone will escort you home,” he said. “But before you go, I’d like to say…you trust far too easily. You should be more careful.”
Madison shrugged and nodded in agreement before stepping out of the office and into a short corridor that led to the main floor of an empty nightclub. Before Simone walked out into the hallway, Ulrik grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back inside.

“There is a mystery here for us to unravel,” he whispered in her ear. “And only one person that I can think of that might be able to help us.”
Simone opened her eyes wide with a sly smile on her face. She nodded and followed after Madison, who was waiting outside on the main floor of the nightclub.

Madison looked around in wonderment, having never stepped foot in a nightclub before. The whole room was black, and there was little adorning the walls around her. There was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and there were no liquor bottles stocked up at the bar or any furniture.

“Does Ulrik own this place?” said Madison.

“Yes,” said Simone, with her silky, catlike voice. “We still have some decorating to do.”

Madison walked across the dance floor and stepped outside with Simone following closely behind her. Simone led her to a black Lincoln sedan and got into the driver’s seat. Madison entered the vehicle on the passenger’s side and fastened her seatbelt. Simone turned on the ignition and adjusted the mirrors very quickly before turning out of the parking lot and into the street.

“Um, Simone?” said Madison.

“What is it, human?” said Simone, as she steered the car with one hand and fixed her lipstick with the other.

“How did y’all find me?”

Simone rolled her eyes.

“What a typical question for a human,” she said. “We tracked your scent, of course. Heightened senses, y’see. You stink of that bar you work at. Burger grease and cheap liquor. That and the foul stench of redneck.”

Sensing Simone’s apparent disdain, Madison nodded and did not ask any more questions for the rest of the drive.
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