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A Date With Death

I heard the gentle rapping on my door and knew instantly who it was; he called on me often. I looked down at myself, clad in a plain navy t-shirt with teddy bear pajama bottoms and called out, "come on in." He was someone I didn't need to impress, he already was. "This is a surprise, but I'm glad you're here." I smiled at him, hoping to warm his insides as he often told me I did.

"I couldn't stay away. I know this is wrong but..." He slowly drifted over to the couch, obviously debating whether or not to leave.

I reached up to him and gently tugged on his black sleeve, indicating he should sit, which he did. As he settled in next to me, I leaned against him, my shoulder rubbing his slightly. "Tough day?" when he nodded I did too, a gesture of understanding. "Do you wanna watch a movie with me?"

He turned his face towards me as his words gently slid over me like a caress. "I would like that."

I gently patted his black clad knee and used it to push myself up off my sage green couch. I knew a movie he'd enjoy. I slid Howl's Moving Castle from the shelf and put the disc in my DVD player. As I sat back down, my fingers burned as they did every night he came calling. I couldn't resist it anymore, my fingers found the fabric as I gently whispered; "Death, why do you hide your face?" And I pulled back his hood and gazed into his dark eyes for about two seconds before I fell away to darkness.

"Because of that."
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